Ways To Take Proper Care Of Real Pearl Necklaces

By Manuel Vintagoli

Pearl necklaces are classic pieces of jewelry that are appreciated by many people. They have been popular for a very long time and go with just about anything from that little black dress, a formal gown to a business suit. Many families have a pearl necklace that has come down from mother to daughter for many generations and because of the care it has received it is as lustrous today as it was when it was new.

Pearl maintenance is not hard to do and one of the most important things is to pay attention to what Grandma said when she told you to put the pearls on last when you get dressed and take them off first when you get home. There is a good reason for this and it is because you do not want to tarnish the pearls while you are wearing them. Applying hair spray can filter down to the pearls and it can make the luster fade. Perfume can also cause distress to the outer coating of the pearl and it so it is best to put the necklace on right before you leave the house.

Usually a pearl necklace will be sold with a soft cloth. This is so you can clean them after wearing them. If it did not come with one you can use any soft cloth like a baby diaper and never use a paper towel because you can scratch the pearls. Pearls sit against the skin in most cases and while they are there they absorb body oils on the skin. These oils collect and can cause dullness and there fore the cloth should be used to gently wipe the oils off before storing the pearls. You can dampen the cloth slightly if it was hot and you perspired a great deal.

Still, pearls seem to get more and more beautiful the more they are worn and that is because of the oils in the body. Just enough body oil seems to make them shine. This, of course, only applies to real pearls and they are a natural substance. Apparently, even if you wipe the pearls down before you put them away some of the body oil is absorbed into the natural pearl and causes it to shine. You can dampen the cloth a bit if you desire. You just do not want excess oil to collect.

Always store a pearl necklace in the box it came in. Most boxes are lined with satin or velvet that protects the pearl from being scratched. Placing pearls next to other jewelry is dangerous because the sharp metal of other jewelry can scratch the surface of the pearls. Pearls are very delicate and need to be treated with care. If you do not have a box to put them in use a cardboard jewelry box and line it with cotton batting.

Necklaces that are worn on a regular basis should be looked at by a professional every 2 or 3 years because wear can make the delicate thread break. You may have to get the necklace restrung every so often. If you wear it infrequently you can probably go 5 years before an inspection is due. Pearl necklaces are made with thread made of silk and each pearl is knotted on the strand so they will not fall off if the thread breaks.

Pearls should never be worn when bating. Soap can be caustic and scratch the pearls and the dampness can damage the thread. Never swim with your pearls on either or they will become dull and lifeless. Chlorinated water is not something you want to get on your pearls.

Pearls that are stored in a soft sided bag should not have anything lay on top. Any pressure that is on the pearls for some time can cause the pearls to change shape. They may not lay on the neck straight anymore or be round.

With good care a pearl necklace can last for years. There is always a chance that the color will change with age and that is a natural occurrence for pearls. The important thing is that they retain their shine and luster so that they can be passed down from generation to generation. - 31401

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