Jelly Bracelet - General Questions and Answers Regarding Jelly Bracelets

By Lieselotte Shipp

How often do I need to wash my jelly bracelet?

You can wash your jelly bracelet approximately once a week, generally. If you are athletic, you might need to wash it more frequently. To clean a jelly bracelet, utilize dish washing dish detergent or watered down shampoo and brush it with a toothbrush. Utilizing harsh chemical jewelry cleaners on the jelly bracelet could be corrosive and make the surface of the bracelet to turn cloudy.

What can be described as a jelly bracelet?

Jelly bracelets are usually also known as gel bracelets and are a type of wrist band that are low-cost and come in a variety of colors. Jelly bracelets have been rather well-liked ever since the eighties. One style of jelly bracelets are known as 'awareness bracelets' which have a charitable cause embossed on the bracelet. Wearing an awareness bracelet generally indicates you've contributed some funds to a cause.

What are the charitable organizations that possess jelly bracelets?

Charitable organizations that feature their own jelly bracelet consist of the campaign of BBC known as Beat Bullying and the Make Poverty History foundation. Some other charities feature various colored jelly bracelets for different charities. Green is made for kidney donation, pink is for breast cancer, blue is for diabetes, orange is made for multiple sclerosis, half red and half blue is for epilepsy, white and ocean blue is for hurricane Katrina and red is for AIDS. The red bracelets are constructed only in Africa.

At what time did awareness jelly bracelets start to become popular?

Awareness jelly bracelets began to become popular during the year 2004 when biker Lance Armstrong and his foundation created a trademark Livestrong yellow wristband made of silicone to be able to win support for the research of cancer. By the year 2005, awareness jelly wristbands became a well-known trend and was used by numerous charitable organizations. - 31401

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