Celtic Wedding Bands: Why Couples Choose Them

By Liam Grant

Couples who have made the decision to tie they knot have many choices to make. Where do they settle? How will they make ends meet? Are children part of the equation? If yes, how many? Weddings are often planned in little minds many years in advance. Couples making determinations about the rest of their lives also have a decision to make about what wedding ring will represent them best. When couples choose Celtic wedding bands it is often due to their beauty, the meaning of the art itself, and the lasting significance of the designs.

Many couples choose Celtic wedding bands because of their simple beauty. Celtic art revolves around free-flowing lines that create designs such as tridents or knots. Some Celtic designs are very ornate and complex, but even the most complicated design is just a series of simple lines. Modern Celtic art has grown to include images of hearts that are linked together, and looping lines that together form a whimsical design. These designs can be looked at for a long time without becoming dull or boring.

There are also couples who choose Celtic wedding bands to symbolize their heritage. The Celtic people at one point inhabited many parts of Europe. They weren't so much a nation as they were a series of tribes that spoke related languages. There were Celts at one point in Italy, Germany, Spain, France, as well as Britain and Ireland. Those couples who have family roots that stretch to the old world, often choose Celtic wedding rings to honor where they come from. Other couples choose Celtic rings for the culture they represent. There are many people who feel Celtic art connects them to countries with strong Celtic heritage such as Ireland and England.

Celtic rings are also chosen because they are classical. Celtic art and culture have been around for centuries and is not likely to be out of fashion any time soon. Couples who choose Celtic rings don't have to worry about their rings losing their appeal. As couples plan a long future together, it is important that their rings endure as well.

Although the ring that is chosen does not indicate what the relationship will be, is does indicate a lot of personality. Couples choose rings that represent their starting point, and how they want to grow. Passions that they have should be shared. Couples who are happy long term often share a love of music, art or culture.

Artists and poets today reflect on Celtic art as they create for the future. The beauty and elegance of Celtic wedding rings is one reason that couples choose them. They also choose them because of the honor and history they reflect. The art of the Celts has proven to be timeless and couples who choose Celtic rings ensure their rings will be a source of pride for a long time. - 31401

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