Wholesale Fashion Jewellery - A Search For Which Is Hard To Come By

By Dan Lew

Are you getting tired in finding out which silver jewellery shop offers the best bet for the latest fashionable items? Then, why don't you try out doing some research on the web? There are now scores of sites which deals with the newest fashionable jewellery items as in a wholesale market and also at a reasonable cost. With the offerings in context of best deals regarding fashionable jewelries on the web, more and more people are now turning up at various online sites.

The online web has now become a vast collection of the latest designs and fashionable jewellery items. If you are finding for a specific style of jewellery then it can become your foremost choice in finding out the fashionable jewellery items which you are looking for. The online sites with their wide ranges of offerings in jewellery items and as well as gifts has made the work for us much easier than never before. The only thing a person needs to determine on research are a group of sound online companies which are known for their high quality jewellery offerings along with their best bet.

Again, if you are a wholesale jewellery customer and marketing the same on your own, you need to first learn about a few online wholesale businesses. First of all which comes is the marketing skills which you need to grasp quickly. A better understanding regarding the things needed to be done online along with the procedures in setting up an online store are also much needed. Online business especially of fashionable jewellery items can be really an enjoying one but one need to be aware regarding the pros and cons involved with it as well. It is suggested to gather more and more knowledge regarding online business by providing quality time for the same. The most threatening factor which comes for any online business is the fear of getting theft. So, one need to be sure enough regarding the internet safety, regardless whatever their online business.

Creating an online store for marketing fashion jewellery items will not take more than an hour taking into account that one is engaged with one of the best web hosting firm providing with their services. The online jewellery store will provide you the platform where you can showcase varieties of jewellery items for your customers. Its all then depends on your online marketing skills which determine the rate of profitability from your online business. Again, above all it is the web hosting service which need to be at the best specially for jewellery online business as it enables the customers of the online site to choose their jewelries as per as their requirements without much disturbance in their budget.

Online shopping has now opened the doors for people to explore varieties of styles when it comes to purchasing of jewellery items. As a consumer, it is advised not to compromise with whatever is being offered online, rather trying to find out the best value of jewellery against your hard earned dollars. Now days, jewelries are available manufactured by various different materials which weren't a story a few years back.

People now have the option to purchase jewelries made up of diamonds and gem stones along with gold and silver. There is every possible chance when you can get stuck while going for shopping online specially in the first few cases. To avoid such circumstances, you can preplan about the type of jewelries you will like to make purchase. Above of all, sufficient knowledge regarding wholesale jewellery items always helps the cause in selecting the best one. - 31401

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Ideas For Bridesmaid Gifts

By Danny Ricks

Our wedding day is the most special day in our life. Making it memorable needs careful planning and effort. It may be tough and stressing if you are to do it by yourself but the help of our valued friends makes it easier and more special. The bridesmaids who are always there when we are in need, from the wedding plans, honeymoon, bridal shower, bachelorette party and even whenever you have to calm down those wedding anxieties. Considering the big role of your bridesmaid to your wedding, they surely deserved a little token of thanks.

In buying bridesmaid gifts, decide whether you want something that is consumable, usable or long lasting. Do you want a token that serves as a memento of your wedding or something that your girls would want? Nowadays, the Internet is the most accessible and the easiest way to get information. You can browse various websites that offer a wide range of collections of gift items.

Before going out to shop, you need to set your budget first. The market can offer you several stunning and beautiful gifts but never ever let yourself be tempted. Stick to the planned budget. Consider the number of bridesmaid you have. The more girls you have, the more it will cost you. They do not expect you to give expensive gifts anyway. Your bridesmaids understand that the wedding has costs you enough resources. Just keep it simple yet special.

Diamonds are a girl's bestfriend. Jewelries are one of the most favorite and the most common bridesmaid gifts that you can give to your bridesmaids. It could be a charm bracelet, a pearl necklace or rhinestone earrings. To make it more unique, add some personal touch on it by having their names or initials engraved on the jewelry.

Practical gifts are also a good choice. These are things can always remind them the journey you had together during the wedding. Monogrammed hand bags, tote bags and small purses are example of these.

To make them feel that they are truly special to you and that you also care for their interests, you may want to give them personalized gifts. These are gifts that represent themselves. It may be a DVD copy of their favorite movie or a CD of their favorite artist. You can also treat them for their hard works by giving them gift certificates of their favorite spa or parlor. Your girls will definitely love it!

You should not be saddened if you have tight budget. With limited resources, you can still thank your bridesmaids by giving them simple mementos of your wedding. A simple handkerchief with their initials or a thank you note on it will be treasured. You can also buy them frames with your pictures on it, reminding them the bonding that you had. The gift may be simple but the friendship and memories you had will forever be treasured.

It is the thought that counts. No matter how simple or extravagant your gifts would be, the most important thing is you have shown them how much you appreciate and thank them for being with you. - 31401

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Maintaining Costume Jewels

By Paul Jacobs

Keeping up the niceness of your jewelry is important as it augments its longevity. How to clean costume jewelry necklaces is easy as long as you are prepared to spare time for your loved diamonds, Swarovski crystals and gemstones to doggedly glitter. Their delicateness are frail so you have to handle with extreme care as you clean them.

how to clean costume jewelry can be done by trying different cleaning products that are essentially intended for good bits of luxury. Finding out if the cleaner hasn't got any vinegar, ammonia, alcohol or acid is mandatory. Make certain of your cleansing product's elements for your jewelry's safety regardless of what your jewellery is made of-bronze, silver, gold, copper, chrome, chrome steel, aluminium, pearls, marble, gemstones, opals, Swarovski.

It isn't advisable to use water and soap regarding the simplest way to clean costume jewelry. Soaps have a tendency to leave a mark on the surfaces of a metal or cause the stones to look boring. While vinegar is fatal to dear gems, Windex is also negative to the fragile finishes of jewelries. The types of cleaners you can use are chemical, toothpaste, natural and fabric. Of these, it's the toothpaste that has been legendary to be cheap yet effective. It is surely not causing your jewelry any threats at all .

You can just use a awfully soft material as to the easy way to clean your costume jewelry that's dusty and soiled. Cleaning your necklaces and bracelets can be safely done by just employing a jewellery cleaner that doesn't contain any damaging ingredient. Bracelets have the disposition of losing its color and texture. Sometimes they get scratched or distorted. After immersing your jewellery into a jewelry cleaner, you can dry it up by using a soft jewellery wiping fabric to restore back your jewelry's shimmering state.

To effectively maintain orderliness of your finest pieces, adopt a good practice of the way to clean your costume jewelry. You can segregate the old sets of jewelry you have from the more recent ones. Specify them in compartments in your jewellery boxes so that they do not get caught. Often, one of the frustrations that jewellery wearers encounter is untangling a twisted necklace. It is better that you hang your necklaces so they are safely placed.

After you have comprehensively do the basics of the way to clean your costume jewelry, you are to dry it up before placing back to the jewelry box. Get rid of moisture from dwelling on the surfaces of your bracelets, watches, necklaces, earrings and anklets. A damp jewelry can get tarnished and rusty leading to further damages and scratches. If you wear your jewellery on a regular basis, it's advised that you groom it weekly. If you wear it occasionally, clean it right after use. - 31401

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1 Carat Diamond Engagement Ring

By Alice Sy

Natural diamonds are expensive. But its the most appropriate gift the beau can give to his beloved fianc. Time and again, it has always been a universal part of the matrimonial custom to give a diamond ring during a marriage proposal. It is a perfect gift for the suitor to express his intentions of tying the knot and a definite symbol of eternity - - of enduring love and affection.

Expressing love through diamond engagement ring though can sometimes be an expensive thing to do so that is where your creativity comes in. You dont need to be too grand with carats when it comes to choosing the perfect diamond engagement ring and then spend much money for it to please a woman.

Settle for the 1 carat diamond engagement ring and you can have a lot of choices of styles to find that perfect ring suited for your loved one.

1 carat diamond engagement rings are available in different designs and for sure, one of them would make a perfect fit for your fianc and will surely be appreciated. The design will vary on the shape of the diamond. You may also take a look at the cut and how clear it is.

Also, do not base your buying of the engagement ring on the size of the diamond alone. 1 carat diamond engagement ring is enough already to cover the beauty, elegance and expensive characteristics of an engagement ring that every woman dreams of having.

But then, if you are really after the size, then strategically choose the one that would appear big, like the marquise or the pear type of engagement ring. You may also consider the accents around the diamond and the ones on the band. Also, white gold or the platinum engagement ring will also support and accentuate the beauty and the shine of the 1 carat diamond engagement ring.

The gist of choosing a 1 carat diamond engagement ring is to be practical and at the same time, find a design that will emphasize the beauty of the ring. After all, simplicity is always the key to elegance and it should not be expensive.

Now just think of how you can give that 1 carat diamond engagement ring you have finally chosen for your fianc and propose. Now that should be romantic and grand! - 31401

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5 Carat Diamond Engagement Ring

By Alice Sy

Eternity is something long to commit. And the assurance of it will take you forever to express which you might forget sometime in your life as you live it with your special someone.

And so to remind the eternity that you want to offer to your loved one, and to know that the promise will definitely won't break, a priceless gesture of giving her the expensive diamond engagement ring will give her the idea that the eternity you offer is something that you really value, and she should too.

The 5 carat diamond engagement ring might be an expensive idea for a band but it will make a great impact to the one whom you will give it to. Diamonds of this kind are big and you should have the band around it as simple as possible to give emphasis to the stone.

Since the one that you are looking for is very hard to look for and risky as well, it is recommended that you look for your ideal 5 carat diamond engagement ring online so you can see it closely plus it has description to give you an idea of which design you will choose.

And they can also be availed on an installment basis so that is quite a nice deal for those who want to be practical with elegance.

One best buy and is usually the choice of celebrities is the Zirconia diamond engagement ring. Its blackish- colored band will be an object of everyones attention and the woman who wears it will make her feel so special. It is because of the uniqueness of the ring and it is something that you really dont see anywhere everyday.

Among the celebrities who made 5 carat diamond engagement ring such a popular choice was Tom Cruise, who gave an oval shaped diamond with pave setting to Katie Holmes. Kate Hudson also had hers from her rock star husband which was an asscher cut. Madonna also had one from Guy Ritchie. So thats one way to make your fianc feel like a celebrity as well.

In spite of the expensive value of a 5 carat diamond engagement ring, this ring is one ideal and the most elegant idea that you give to your special someone to let her feel how much you are willing to spend and to go to for her. Winning her affection can be done with something glittering, not because of materialism, but the thought that it measures, the weigh of love. - 31401

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Jewelry Cost

By Rachel Howard

to purchase an engagement ring, if you don't have the money saved for that purpose, you will either have to save it or resort to financing. Both alternatives are engaging and which one you may select will depend on how rushed in you are. If time is a pressing issue, then you will need to find some sort of financing. Otherwise, you can start saving for the purchase.

When you have enough time to save the cash for purchasing a ring, it is a sensible idea to do so. That way you will save lots of money on interests due to financing. Making the essential adjustments to your financial position will help you put a fixed amount apart every month to build up the sum you'll need to purchase that special engagement ring. It is just better to put some money aside every month than waiting to work out if there is money left at the end of the month.

You have to be thinking this is some kind of joke. But it's not. Marrying isn't a light call. Few people get married overnite. Most marriage suggestions are planned with months of anticipation. So if you can plan a suggestion, why not plan a monthly budget to save for the ring? It is not nearly as difficult as it sounds. Only by cutting back on nonessential expenditures and by saving at least ten percent of your income, you'll have a respectable amount of cash in a couple of months time. Here is an example, if you earn $3000 a month, and you choose to set aside let us say 15% of your income, then in a 6 month period you'll have saved $2700. Excellent!

When time is a controversy you have no other choice but to resort to financing. There are plenty of different investment instruments that you can obtain to pay for an engagement ring. For instance, if you have a credit card, then, your problem is half solved as you only need to buy your engagement ring with your card and pay as much as you can of the balance each month to fully clear it. However [*COMMA] whether the ring is expensive or you do not have enough credit left on your card you may wish to try other alternatives.

You would have saved had you thought about it. Your credit cards are maxed out and getting a new one is totally out of the questions. Research on jewelry stores? No time for that. So what is there to do? Do not panic, applying for a secured or an unsecured loan can be the answer to your quandary. Not merely will you obtain the precise amount of money you want, but you can repay it over a long period of time ( months or even years ). Be aware of the IR depends on the loan type, usually unsecured loans carry higher IRs than secured loans. Family heirlooms are frequently passed on from mum to son, and they carry lots of meaning and family history. It'll surely be more important for your bride-to-be to receive your mother's's engagement ring, than one bought at a store. Make sure to ask your mother-in-law re this issue too. As you can see, there are numerous different ways to get finance for an engagement ring, a number of them are quite plain, others are way more creative. You have to find the one that best fits your wishes. - 31401

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A Guide to Buying Celtic Wedding Bands: Material

By Liam Grant

Couples who have chosen to purchase Celtic wedding bands are just at the beginning of the decision making process. The first step is to consider which alloy they want their ring to be made of. With many options to choose from, we will look at four popular choices. First, we will look at traditional yellow gold. Second, we will learn about white gold and how it differs from yellow gold. Third, we will consider the strength of titanium. Finally we will look at Tungsten carbide as a ring choice. Ring shoppers will want to acquaint themselves with many materials to ensure they choose the one that fits their needs best.

Yellow gold is traditional and is still preferred by many. The material itself adds to the rings value. It is easier to reshape than other alloys because of how soft it is. Yellow gold has been chosen by many couples, but it also has its drawbacks. Gold is more soft than other materials used in wedding bands. In time, the material can look dull, nicked-up and scratched. Some gold rings will lose their shape in time. People who are in contact with other hard materials or activity may find gold just isn't right for them.

In recent years white gold has gained in usage and popularity. White gold manages to retain the intrinsic value of gold, without the brassy coloring of yellow gold. White gold is an alloy mix of gold together with materials such as zinc, palladium, or nickel. When a ring is finished it is rhodium plated to cover the dull yellow color that remains. Like yellow gold, many of the benefits are the same. Some of their weaknesses are the same. White gold will also scratch easily and be prone to losing some of its shape. Also, white gold rings need to be re-rhodium plated on a regular basis. This should happen every 6-18 months. While some couples are very happy with their white gold, others find dealing with nicks and re-rhodium plating is just too much maintenance.

Titanium rings have seen widespread use in recent years. Titanium is a very light, but durable alloy. It is a strong material and is sometimes used for drill bit tips and other high friction items. It is a dark gray color naturally, but can be enhanced with different finishes. Since it is hard to scratch, and maintains a nice luster even after wear, many couples are happy with the low maintenance titanium. Some old wives tales will say that titanium rings cannot be cut off of ones finger in the case of an accident. Although it is more difficult to cut a harder material, it is still possible. Because of the hardness of the material, it is impossible to re-size a titanium ring.

Tungsten carbide is a relatively new ring to the marketplace. To create tungsten carbide, tungsten and carbon materials are combined with a bonding agent. The ceramic mixture that is produced is then cast and the finish it retains is very durable. The finish is very hard to scratch, and the material itself is heavier than gold or silver. The surface will still be able to scratch, but they don't show up as well as they do in gold or even titanium. As with titanium, these rings cannot be re-sized. Also, tungsten rings can actually break if dropped from a height or if involved in rough situations.

When choosing a wedding band, couples have many options to choose from. They can choose the traditional yellow or white gold, they may choose titanium, they may elect to buy tungsten carbide, or they may choose from a number of other alloys on the market. The most important thing is that a couple consider what they really want out of their rings and then make an educated decision. The couples that do their homework are more likely to be happy with their choice of wedding bands. - 31401

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Must - Have Celtic Jewelry

By Leigh Campbell

Celtic jewelry is indeed part of this generation's fashion sense. Even with the fact that its origins dates back centuries ago and its designs are obviously conforming with those in the olden days, more and more people in this generation are also getting agog with this kind of jewelry for many reasons. This is why until today there is still a relevant clamor for this thing to flaunt any kind of fashion statement.

A lot of people do have the heart for this kind of jewelry even those who are outside the Irish culture do have. This is because of the fact that this can be good to flaunt with any wardrobe for all occasions. This kind of jewelry which is known for Irish craftsmanship is now becoming more and more popular for people around the world due to the fact that jewelry seem to complement well with any fashion statement that both gender want to flaunt with,.

It is indeed an absolute fact. In fact more and more couple is getting agog to seal their vows with some of the exciting pieces of this kind of jewelry that are truly among to reckon with in the industry. It is most often used in special occasions like wedding and engagements where you need to accessorize and flaunt your fashion statement.

More and more people are getting anxious to have their own pieces of this kind of jewelry because of its meaningful designs. But for certain there are still other reasons why people love to have this kind of jewelry. But couples in particular wish to seal their undying love for each other with this kind of jewelry for its magical powers and the luck that each and every particular design are believe to bring to its wearer.

The most sought after are the claddagh and other wedding rings and bands. The designs of these pieces are believed to bring luck and long lasting togetherness. This is one of the many reasons couples love to have this.

Naturally it costs little higher compared to the ordinary one because of the fact that it is a world class piece of art. Even then, these are still among those which are most sought after for its quality. Latest styles of Celtic jewelry are really awesome pieces for everyone to behold because of its being done with renowned Irish craftsmanship.

Due to its being part of the latest trend in fashion, Celtic jewelry is becoming more and more popular. Hence, it is no longer hard to find wherever you may be. But you should always go only for those who are having the genuine pieces.

You still can have some pieces of this kind of jewelry at lesser price especially if you are among those on tight budget but want to have this kind of jewelry. If you only have much time and keen eyes for details you can always look for the best deals on these items. It is better to ensure having only the nicely crafted yet inexpensive Celtic jewelry. - 31401

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Must-have Pearl Bridal Jewelry

By Danny Ricks

Pearl bridal jewelry has that magnificent power to transform a simple girl into a stunning bride or bridesmaid. This is why this particular kind of jewelry is now becoming part of modern day weddings. A bride's get up or bridesmaid's gown will never seem to be complete with any piece of this kind of jewelry.

No matter how simply the bride's gown is cut it will definitely look stunningly beautiful if accessorized or accentuated with the right kind of pearl bridal jewelry pieces. Of the many gemstones, pearls are among the most commonly used for bridal jewelries for many reasons. One of which is the fact that it is precious and its elegance and color are more than enough to match bridal gowns often made of chiffon and white satin cloth.

These particular type of jewelry set is now becoming a big hit in many bridal stores both online and even in stores around the block. This is because a lot of women now learned the magnificent powers of this jewelry to transform them from simple lad to a stunning woman when they walk down the aisle either as bride or bridesmaid.

The price which is often affordable to any kind of budget is another thing that made these pieces more interesting is. This enables women from all walks of life can definitely make herself stunning and oozing with elegance and style as she walks down the aisle. With the demand for these jewelry pieces continue to rise, more bridal stores and jewelry shops are also trying to come up with the latest designs for every woman to behold.

Many bridal stores and jewelry stores anywhere are now offering wide choices for these kind of jewelry for that special occasion. What made it even more interesting is the wide array of choices that you will be amazed unfolding right before your eyes especially when you have to browse for it in the internet. Women therefore must rejoice having great choice for this kind of jewelry pieces.

You will definitely be amazed with so many exciting choices you will get for these kinds of jewelry pieces. Among the biggest hits in this collection is the set of pearl earrings and necklace which are all good to go which the bride's silky white chiffon gown or even with the bridesmaid's beige satin gown. A pearly tiara is also among the top choices for its superb elegance and style.

Price of some pearly jewelries that the bride and the ladies in her entourage need to accentuate their gowns with should never be a cause to worry. Other than the genuine pearl which are a bit costly, you can always opt for the cultured ones which are equally elegant yet less expensive. These are also not hard to find because as it is being displayed in department stores around the malls. Although pearls are generally precious.

You can still becoming a stunning bride without having to spend a lot on your jewelry set. Just have to have the confidence as you walk down the aisle. But of course you can make yourself not only stunning but oozing with elegance and style by flaunting your right choices of pearl bridal jewelry. - 31401

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The Blue Diamond Engagement Ring

By Alice Sy

Diamonds are clear and sparkling stones but diamonds can also come in different colors. Diamonds signify wealth, style and elegance.

Blue diamond engagement rings are very unique and beautiful. They can be quite expensive because of its rarity and the process that it underwent before obtaining its enhanced color and quality. Its color is what makes it really expensive. But those who buy such rings are not really after the price but its uniqueness.

Thats why blue diamond engagement rings are very magnificent and impressing when used as a symbol of commitment and engagement. They can be considered as very special gifts and treasures.

There are several grand names given to the largest and most popular blue diamonds: Blue Empress, Heart of Eternity and Hope.

Blue diamonds are considered to be one of the rarest types of diamonds in the world. Natural blue diamonds are almost non-existent, that is why anyone who is offered with "natural blue diamonds should always check the genuineness of such gems before purchasing.

Blue diamonds are one of those so-called fancy diamonds, meaning, they posses a strong and attractive and appealing color. They have undergone a diamond treatment process called irradiation wherein they obtain their blue color. Most fancy diamonds are more expensive than the colorless or plain ones because of this process.

If you are wondering where the color blue in blue diamonds come from, wonder no more. The small amount of boron that has been trapped in the diamonds crystal structure is the key element responsible for its color. And this also makes blue diamonds conducive to electricity.

To those who are interested in buying a blue diamond engagement ring, you must know that the darker the color blue, it means that it has a better quality. And remember that most blue diamonds available in the market today are manmade. And always check the genuineness of the item you are buying. - 31401

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An Introduction To Mens Jewelry And The New Trends

By Oscar Acosta

Mens jewelry has changed for 2009 just as it changes every year with the ever increasing importance of fashion and design. As popular culture constantly changes and fashions change, so heavily designing companies for men's jewellery around the world and in the United Kingdom. You should be able to find something that suits you.

There was a time when men's jewelry was very much confined to certain types of people which are often considered rather outcast. However. Things have changed a lot now and jewelry for men has become a lot more sophisticated and contemporary. While many men still did not wearing jewelry, you can probably find something that suits your style.

Jewelry is not necessarily restricted to certain some classes and types of people who more when it comes to men. There are so many different types and styles and many men can find something which suits and depending on their personal tastes. You can go for something elegant and traditional one you can go for something a bit more new world and something different.

You have plenty of different types of jewelry available to you, and you can probably find something that suits your overall style. There are more traditional kind of jewelry available, all things which come from the specific type of culture or subculture. Others are favoured by different types of musicians or artists.

You have bracelets, necklaces and pendants of all different shapes and sizes and types. The suit a wide variety of different situations, and you can find ones which fit into all sorts of different genres. If you are not familiar with the best designers out there, then of course there are quite a few famous ones.

Some the leading designers are Sean Webster, Vivienne Westwood under a much more of course. There are some major international designers which always on the cutting edge of fashion. - 31401

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Trilogy Diamond Engagement Ring

By Alice Sy

Do you want to seal your promise of forever with your loved one with an engagement ring that will signify your love for her in the past, the present and the future? Then let the trilogy diamond engagement ring tell your story.

Love stories are worth telling and recollecting and they are made to be remembered for the sake of recollection. They are bond to strengthen further relationships and therefore are signified usually not only with priceless gifts but also with band such as an engagement ring. What makes a trilogy diamond engagement ring very popular is that it carries the purpose like that of the anniversary rings. It is perfect especially for those who are sentimental with memories that are worth keeping.

The three diamonds are specifically designed and they are bounded to be different with other traditional rings. And the three stones are bound to be in the band with no other additional stones for accentuation. The three diamonds are enough to give the elegant factor of the engagement ring. The diamonds in this engagement ring have similar sizes and would carry a higher carat, adding to the expensive nature of the ring. The diamonds should be relatively big to give emphasis and identity of the trilogy diamond engagement ring. The suggested shapes usually would be round and princess shaped diamonds.

The arrangement of the three stones in the trilogy diamond engagement ring is also given emphasis. The diamond at the center is higher or elevated than the other stones to signify the present. Also the words past, present and future can be engraved in the band as well.

Then you may also consider having a plain wedding band right after to match the trilogy diamond engagement to give emphasis to the significance of the ring. It is like allowing the two rings to work hand in hand in the spirit of elegance and love.

Although the trilogy diamond engagement ring is said to be quite expensive compared to other engagement rings, the expense should not be the center of the reason why a woman should say yes to the proposal of marriage, but the effort of the man which gives high regard to the sentimental reasons behind the love story. - 31401

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Pave Diamond Engagement Ring

By Alice Sy

Diamond connotes beauty, wealth, and power. In ancient times as well as in the modern day setting, this precious stone is considered one of the most expensive possessions a person could ever have. It has been dubbed "a womans best friend and has indeed upheld this label.

As time goes by, diamonds become symbols of perpetuity perhaps due to its robust physical characteristic.

Nowadays, couples exchange diamond rings to show their enduring love for each other. In engagements as well as weddings, diamonds proved to be the most popular, and needless to say, the most expensive. There are many kinds of diamond rings. Each has its unique characteristic to suit a persons style and preference. They also come in different colors and designs to choose from.

Bezel, channel, flush, and burnish are just some of the many settings of a diamond ring.

Of the many decorative variations of diamond rings, pave diamond engagement ring outshines others as it has its unique cunning appearance. How it acquires its facade lies in its pattern.

Taken from a French word which literally means "paved, pave diamond engagement ring has diamonds that are set very close together, without partitions, thereby resembling a cobblestone road. The precious stones are fixed in narrow conical holes and placed in just about equal level with the surface of the ring while its surrounding metals, usually made of white gold or platinum, are mounted forming tiny beads to support and hold these pave-set stones in place.

To enhance the exterior of the pave diamond engagement ring, the metal around these precious stones is impressed with ornamental designs.

Each tiny diamonds fully cut with 58 facets and weighing just a few points, though small in size, contributes a great deal to the overall sparkle of a pave diamond engagement ring. Its intricate, clever pattern makes it look like it has a continuous diamond surface thus it appears bigger than its original size, making it even more captivating and eye catching. - 31401

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Tips To Save Money on Solitaire Engagement Ring

By Mettew Cheng

If you are looking for classic engagement ring for your future bride then solitaire diamond engagement ring is the best option. Solitaire engagement ring is considered to be one of the most beautiful and stylish settings which look perfect with all the shapes of diamond such as emerald, pear, marquise, round, square and radiant.

It is one of the most popular settings in engagement rings and the reason of its popularity is its timeless and classic appeal. But purchasing a perfect solitaire engagement ring at best price is very daunting task. Hence here are few tips which will help you in purchasing a solitaire engagement ring of high quality at best price.

The best way to buy an engagement ring at best price is online jewellery stores. By surfing the internet you can find many online jewellery stores offering all types of diamond rings at low prices. But always remember that all online stores are not same there are some fake stores also. Hence before buying your engagement ring from online stores you must check the credibility of the store. Always remember that all the reputed stores provide you with the certification by the world top laboratories such as IGI, GAI and AGL.

Another thing which you will need is the 4C'S when you are looking for high quality of ring. The 4C'S of diamond includes carat, clarity, colour and cut which helps you to determine the quality of diamond. But among all these factors cut is the most important factor because the cut of diamond determines the brilliance and sparkle of diamond and the way the light reacts within the diamond. These four factors also play a vital role in the price of the diamond also. Hence if you want to save money then you must consider these four factors.

Another way to buy a high quality of ring at discount prices is purchasing loose diamond and set them in your own design. Always remember that loose diamonds are less expensive compare to diamonds which are already set in a setting. And in loose diamonds you can closely pay attention to the 4C'S of diamond.

You can also buy your ring from the wholesale jewellery shop. These stores offer the rings at wholesale prices hence by purchasing your engagement ring from the wholesale jewellery shop you can save lot of your hard earned money. - 31401

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When You Give Celtic Bracelet

By Leigh Campbell

Are you thinking of giving a bracelet to your girlfriend but confused about its design? I have a better option for you and that is a celtic bracelet. Celtic bracelets are so beautiful that once you will look at it, you keep on looking. These bracelets contain crosses, weave and knots; symbol of Irish heritage. Before getting one for your girlfriend you have to keep some things in mind: material, design and symbolism of the bracelet.

Check the material of the bracelet. Make sure that it is made of silver and leather. This is the main material due to which celtic bracelets are so famous. Silver and leather matches with any dress style and is so durable that you can wear it in your day to day life.

No doubt these bracelets are famous for its material combination and design but if you do not like silver and leather combination, you can opt for gold and platinum designs. But keep in mind, you will not find this combination in any other brand.

The width of the Celtic bracelet varies between 2cm to 4cm. Its design consists or different types of weaves and knots and comes in two types that is cuffs and bangles. Basically mostly leather bracelets are fully closed like a bangle but soft and metal bracelets are open on one end so that you can easily wear it. These bracelets give a feel of Irish heritage.

Bangle is made up of metal wire closed at all ends. There is a single knot or weave made at the circumference of the bangle which ads a sparkling beauty to the bangle. It is designed in such a way that its appearance takes the form of a bracelet. It is best suited in parties and in office but do not wear it in extraordinary formal sittings.

The design of these celtic bracelets has some meaning. Different types of knots, crosses and weaves have their own meaning. These designs are the symbol of something meaningful. Though there is nothing written about each set of knots, weaves or crosses but people believe that if these bracelets shows the Irish culture, there is a meaning attached to these knots, weaves and crosses.

So the question arises who gave meaning to these designs. It is the manufactures who made these bracelets. Its most famous meaning is to remain in continuity and connected. You will feel brotherhood and love in the design of this bracelet. Meaning to the design is attached by the artists. This is totally personal and not related to anybody. You can also attach your own meaning.

So before gifting these bracelets to anybody, do attach a personal meaning to it. And your friend will remember it for the whole life. - 31401

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The State Of The South African Gold Market

By Jack Wagon

The economy of South Africa is highly depended upon its mining industry. There are many mines of precious metals like gold, copper, platinum, and diamonds. As it has been a former British colony, therefore the British laws govern the basic working of its economy, and the gold market until now. Most of the owners of the gold mines in South Africa are white men. The natives of South Africa are only employed either to work as labourers, or to work at managerial positions.

The South African gold market is 120 years old. It has seen a continuous cycle of ebbs, and falls in its economic history. Like many other countries, it depended upon the London bullion market to sell its gold to the global gold market. Individual gold mining companies and brokers marketed gold through London.

Later, The Reserve bank of South Africa took over the control of the gold market of South Africa in the early twentieth century, after the First World War ended, and used The Bank of England, as its selling agent to channel gold to the London bullion market.

Later in 1968, during the Vietnam conflict, the London gold market was closed for two weeks. When it reopened, the future of the global gold market had changed forever. It had lost a number of its potential clients. The three main Swiss banks formed a Zurich gold pool, and approached The South African Reserve Bank to channel its gold through it. Even today, Switzerland is known to handle most of the gold produced in South Africa in the global gold market.

The second largest gold reserves of the world are in South Africa. They were the manufacturer of half of the total gold produced in the world in the beginning. However, the production of gold has slowed down in South Africa due to many reasons even the cost of gold mining is still low in South Africa. Because of the gold rush in California, and Australia, the gold mining companies have shifted their focus there.

There is no doubt that gold mining is a very tough thing to do. It becomes more difficult in the geographical features of South Africa, and because of the political instability, and the cold war in the country. The geothermal temperature of South Africa is 50 degree Celsius.

It needs tons, and tons of water to be pumped in to cool the inner temperature. Moreover, it requires massive amounts of dynamite, and Cyanide to blast the mines, and extract gold from there. The refining process of course needs uninterrupted power supply.

So altogether, the cost of mining and processing raw gold is extravagant for the government. With its limited resources, and insufficient power supply, coupled with the civil wars, and political instability, it has failed to deliver a prospective gold market. Rand, the South African currency is constantly losing its value against other currencies. The gold market has not yet shown signs of recovery, but the government is initiating projects like thermal power stations to generate more electricity for the gold mines to increase their production by the year 2010. - 31401

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Making Rose Gold Jewelry Fashionable

By Sara Gilmore

Rose gold jewelry is both feminine and bold at the same time. It's a metal that you might not have seen before but it can also have a vintage air to it. You can wear it with a variety and style of outfits. You can also find pieces that will fit every budget.

You might think of antique or vintage designs when you look at rose gold jewelry. This metal allows you to get a piece that looks like an antique even if it's new to you. This jewelry can be anything you need it to be, from contemporary to classic depending on your personal design style.

You might be bored with the typical wedding sets so switch things up with a different metal color. You may want a solitaire engagement ring with a white diamond but you don't want it be boring. Rose gold engagement rings will be unique without becoming overpowering.

It can be difficult when you buy a different color of gold jewelry, a problem that can be solved by two or three tone items. A new color of gold means that you have to replace the pieces you already have or find a way to incorporate your new jewelry. You can get the best of all worlds by going with a bracelet that has yellow, white and rose gold so you can incorporate a lot of different colors with it. A tri gold piece allows you to wear your new rose gold jewelry with old yellow gold engagement rings. You can change up your design aesthetic without throwing away your past.

Rose gold jewelry allows you to wear pink in a sophisticated way. You can even get away with wearing it at the office to add your own personal style to a dress code. This is a way to wear pink without looking like a little kid. This color of gold is pretty while still being elegant and understated.

It's rare to find a pink gemstone so a pink metal might be a better option for you. Even when you put it with white diamonds the gems will start to look pink. This is a way to put sophistication in your jewelry wardrobe while still getting your favorite pink tone in there.

You may only be able to afford one or two pieces of fine jewelry a year. The tendency then is to stick with traditional pieces so you can get the most wear out of them. Try a pair of gold hoop earrings or a simple chain in a different metal color to make your own impression on fine jewelry pieces. - 31401

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Copied Products In The Wholesaling Jewelry Business

By Steve Peterson

A company that is in the jewelery business has to source stock from a wholesale jewelry company who sells the products at a lower price. Products are sold at a lower price due to them being bought in bulk to be sold on afterward. It is cheaper to buy products in bulk than to buy the individually. The business is able to get the products cheaper so they can get the best profit on them. Knowing which wholesaler to buy from can be problematic in itself.

With the popularity and growth of the internet more people are buying copied goods than they ever were. It can be difficult for genuine companies to know what is genuine and what is copied. This is difficult where the customer is concerned who wants to buy the genuine article.

Jewellery shops will get into a lot of trouble if they sell fake goods. However with the introduction of the internet more and more fake goods are becoming available. How do you know if it is a fake copy of the original brand? Often the price will give it away.

It is never more true that if something seems too good to be true, it usually is. Therefore if a product is sold at a ridiculously low price then you have to question the legitimacy of the product. A lot of copies have come from China, but that is not to say that all products sold from China are copies.

Ebay was attacked in previous years by products that were fake copies. This gave many sellers a bad name even if they were selling the genuine article. Fake copies often float around the internet and sometimes a site that seems too good to be true might not be all it is cracked up to be. There are genuine wholesaler companies on the internet but, there are also companies that sell fake goods.

Companies have a responsibility to the customer to ensure they are selling them the genuine product. Therefore serial numbers need to be checked and the quality of the product compared with other genuine brands of product. If the company is unsure if a product is genuine or not then they should not purchase the product at all.

When sourcing wholesalers it is important to have an idea of the price you want to purchase the products for and how much you will sell them for. A general profit can then be worked out on the amount of goods that are bought.

Where will the products be sold? Many people sell wholesale jewellery on places like Ebay where they are auctioned. This gives the potential of selling the product at a higher price, but it could also mean the product is sold at a loss to the company.

Many people sell copies on Ebay so there might be some people who are wary of buying items of jewellery online due to the risk of it being a copy. Unfortunately this gives the genuine seller a bad name. However Ebay is strict with its policies and they are clamping down on sellers who sell copied brands of products. - 31401

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Wedding Essentials: Bridal Jewelry Sets

By Danny Ricks

It is your big day and as a bride, you should be the center of attention. You want this day to be special and you will want to look at your best as well.

To make you look stunningly beautiful, you should have the appropriate ornaments and accessories. These include the bridal jewelries. In any wedding, bridal jewelries are one of the essentials in your wedding outfit. Because of the wide array of wonderful collections of bridal jewelries, one would find it confusing and stressful to choose one. That is why the woman tends to go overboard which is a big mistake. Remember, jewelries are only accessories and they should not compete with your beauty. Its purpose is to enhance you more. You should wear it simple but sophisticated.

Choosing the perfect jewelry might be tough if you do not have the idea how you should choose. You have to consider that each piece should compliment one another and it should match your bridal gown. Therefore your gown is one critical factor on how to choose the right ones. Fortunately, there are several jewelry shops that offer help to those who cannot make up their mind choosing the best one for them. These shops offer bridal jewelry sets which will definitely help you and lift you from the burden of matching each pieces.

A jewelry set is usually consisting of a pair of earrings and a necklace. It can also be a necklace and a tiara set depending on the supplier of these jewelries. Purchasing a set not only helps you choose the right jewelries for you. It also saves you money because a set costs lower than buying each individual items.

Bridal sets also offer a wide selection of varieties. These jewelries can be made up of crystal, pearls, silver, gemstones, engraved jewelries or even rhinestones. The style of the occasion dictates what you should wear.

If you like a traditional wedding, you will most likely see white, strapless dresses. These styles are great if you want attention to your shapely collarbone and shoulders. With these dresses, you may want to consider diamond jewelry set. You can wear simple, elegant drop earrings, a tennis bracelet and a simple pendant. The movement of the earrings will have a dramatic effect with lights as you move. It helps you light up your face on your photos, giving you a radiant glow

Modern weddings on the other hand with sleek, contemporary dress are a little complicated. In these setups, you would want to wear pearls. Pearls come with different sizes, shapes and colors. They are described to have endless beauty and sophistication. Teardrop pearls are perfect for drop earrings and pendants. The round pink pearls on the other hand can give you a soft feminine touch.

There are brides who do not want to wear the traditional white dresses. They opt to wear colored ones. These dresses which are ideal in an outdoor wedding should also have a set of bridal jewelries. Just choose the pieces that matches the color of your dresses. Several specialty jewelry stores and even the Internet offer different kinds of them. You can even choose between genuine gems and simulated stones. You can also wear a particular stone that influences your beliefs or background.

Keep in mind that these are all suggestions. Pick the jewelry that suits your dress and your taste. Remember that you are not only paying for the price of the jewelries itself but for the memories. These memories will all be in your photos for as long as you live. - 31401

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Gold Investors Warned Against Scams

By Jack Wagon

Gold is a favourite metal for men and women for centuries. It is equally liked by both sexes for embellishment, and as an investment option. Currency notes were introduced in the world a few centuries back, before that, there was a system called barter, and gold was considered the most precious metal of that time. Today, if we compare the price, and uses of gold with past, we shall find that gold was not as profitable a source, as it is today.

In these times, when there are fewer buyers as compared to the sellers, gold does not offer so much hope. Moreover, it is a non-profit investment commodity in the sense that it does not provide a regular inflow of cash, even when its price is rising. One has to sell it in order to reap the profit.

Dollar is losing its value in the international market, and for this reason, the value of gold is increasing. In the past couple of decades, the demand of gold has increased enormously because of its industrial use, and because of adverse stock market condition. As there is more and more demand of gold in market, gold mining industries, and gold brokers are making huge money by selling their gold.

Today you would find many scam companies, shops, and persons who are involved in gold investment. They are scamming people by offering discount prices. They are fooling people advertising rare or collectible coins Online, or in live auctions. They advertise the shortage of gold coins in the global market, and beguile people to shop as early as possible.

Many people are fooled to sell inferior quality of gold to companies involved in scam business. The scams lured the gold investors at the first instance to sell gold coins at high prices by declaring them 'rare' or 'collectible'. Before buying any gold item, it is always advisable to check out the gold prices online, or in newspaper.

The gold prices are going sky-high, and individuals and gold mining companies that want to sell their gold are advertising their scams through electronic, and print media. They are continuously propagating the issue of decline in the solid reserves of gold in the international market, and advise everyone to buy now before the prices increase. These people are reaping maximum profit by creating an artificial demand in the market.

Some individuals and persons are offering unallocated gold accounts, or lockers to gold investors, which are neither supported by any financial, or government institution.

The scams are coming to gold investors through phone calls, emails, websites, and advertisements. The scammers use different techniques, and means to convince the investors. Already, the State has warned people against such scams, but still there are thousands of people who fall prey to these scams. Before buying, the investors should verify the authenticity of the gold selling individuals, or companies. It is very hard to earn, and save money nowadays, and for some, it takes the whole life; therefore, one should be watchful on the latest scams, and stay away from them. - 31401

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Gold In Homeopathy

By Jack Wagon

For the sake of investment, gold happens to be one of the most popular precious metals at present. Besides being a measure of wealth, it is also a medium of exchange, and this holds true since a long period. It is not just a commodity; in fact, it qualifies for being a currency that is used on the international level.

Gold is not just used for the general purpose of making beautiful items of jewellery. There are many other attributes of gold as a metal such as being a quality electrical conductor as well as being malleable, and ductile along with being used as a component in medicines. This use in medicine has been going on since hundreds of years. The healing properties of gold are many, thus qualifying it for a number of treatments.

In the case of homeopathy, gold is an old ingredient that not only has physical healing traits, but also psychological appeasing properties. The homeopathic gold is in great demand these days when it comes to treating depression, and other similar kinds of psychological problems.

Monoatomic Gold is the form normally used, which is the non-metallic, non-toxic form of gold. It can be made artificially from 24 carat gold, but it also occurs naturally in volcanic soils, sea water, and some fruits, and vegetables. It is different from the forms of gold used in contemporary Western allopathic medicine, which are gold salts, and colloidal gold.

Being called Aurum Metallicum in its homeopathic medicinal form, gold has an extensive utility in the dimension of homeopathy, contributing towards relief of patients from many psychological problems. Several degrees of depression get cured ranging from mild to severe as well as problems like suicidal thoughts along with problems of extremity. Anxiety disorders are also treated by homeopathic gold, which is not just a medicine. In fact, it is believed to have a healing property of a spiritual nature that could either have a positive or a negative effect on the mind and attitude of an individual.

In addition to psychological healing, there are many other kinds of uses of Monoatomic Gold. Such as the treatment of the pituitary gland of patients who are suffering from hormonal problems. Even sometimes the production of hormones is low as per the normal yardstick of growth. Homeopathic gold happens to give an effective treatment enabling the glands to increase the production of hormones.

Heart problems are also effectively cured through homeopathic gold. Known to be a good rejuvenating agent, the general belief about it is, homeopathic gold has the strength to fortify the heart, and increase its resilience. Also, it is considered helpful in the building of the immune system, which makes the person less vulnerable to diseases.

Not only that, but it also augments the production of red blood cells, and contributes towards the production of more bone marrow in the human body. Infertility treatment is another use of homeopathic gold. - 31401

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Wedding Essentials: Wedding Jewelry

By Danny Ricks

It is said that a woman's wedding is one of the most important and special days in her life. This is special because at last, you are going to marry the man you love to be with him for the rest of your life. You will walk down that aisle, all eyes attached to you - you should look perfect. You should prepare well and make all things perfect, especially you. Aside from the wedding dress and the wedding ring, the wedding jewelry is also essential to the wedding outfit of the bride. Choosing the right set of wedding jewelries can really make you and your dress perfect.

Keep in mind that your dress and your wedding jewelry should match you. Do not choose something that your do not really like or kind of like. Do not let yourself say yes to other people's choices. Have your own decisions. Remember, it is not just the jewelry itself you are spending money to - it is the memories, the memories that will be stored forever in your wedding photos. You do not want to feel sorry for yourself in the future and wish you had bought something else. Weddings should only be happy memories and not regrets.

Strapless dresses are perfect to someone with shapely collarbone and shoulders. In wearing these dresses, you may want to add choker necklace or a diamond necklace with a delicate pendant to along with it.

If you prefer modern style dresses such as halter-top or mermaid style dresses, you can wear chick jewelries. You may choose a jewelry with a single pendant on it or has a single shape. Circle and other geometric shapes are quite popular nowadays. Plain metals are also good and it can be re-used with some of your dresses. You can consider buying a set of jewelry that you can also use after the wedding.

Do not wear these modern chic jewelries when wearing a medieval dress. They obviously do not go well in together. You can try to wear with chains of flowers or jewelries with stones. Just wear something that signifies long past your time. Victorian Styled dresses have its own collection of them. Most of then have colors. Choose something that goes pretty well with your dress.

Simple dresses have the most choices of jewelries. You can never go wrong choosing the right wedding jewelries. Just a reminder, do not overdo it. Because of the so many different kinds of stunningly beautiful jewelries, one tends to go overboard. Keep it simple. You can also wear jewelries that will withdraw attention from the dress. These are opulent necklaces or complex nets of necklace that may cover much of your chest. Then add it with a little touch of makeup.

When choosing your wedding jewelry, always consider your dress, the style that comes with it, your hair and your makeup. All of these elements should go well together. They should not clash. You do not want to mess up with your special day. Make it perfect. - 31401

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Secure Your Life Savings In A Gold Vault!

By Jack Wagon

Keeping an account in the gold bullion vaults of the three major centres, London, New York and Zurich, is an increasing trend these days. Many people are opting to convert their assets and savings into solid gold.

Earlier, the bankers and brokers used to be the only ones who could access a gold vault. Nowadays, however, one only needs to have a minimum amount of gold to allow this access in international gold vault membership or account. With time, people are also realizing the importance of investing in gold as well as the experts, who suggest that at least ten percent of the asset profile should be in the form of gold and kept safe in gold vaults.

The functioning of these vaults is highly secured. Most importantly, the transaction of gold is carried out without an intermediary; hence making your gold vault secure from theft or stealing. All gold vaults are insured against a nominal fee. This means that in case of any misfortunate incident like loss, theft or damage, the gold vault administration shall compensate for it.

One of the major concerns of people about gold vaults is the unprecedented and unexpected government policies regarding gold accounts. This concern is especially acute during difficult financial times, political upheavals or change of the political governments. The government is liable to seize the valuables/assets/foreign currency accounts in times of political or national emergencies. This is something beyond the administration of gold vaults, and this is the reason why gold vaults are located at three international places: London, which is the centre of gold bullion market, New York, and Switzerland.

The account holders have the right to shift their gold vaults from one country to another, if they are wary of the upcoming political crisis in the country. Their gold is securely stored in the gold vaults, and upon the request of the account holders, it can be shifted immediately to another country. If imminent political and economic crisis are foreseen, gold stored in the gold vaults can be sold instantaneously, and bought back later.

The gold vaults are made in a manner that it gives the look of a strong and daunting fortress from the outside. Granite is used on the walls, and the main gate is made from material that is blast proof. Other safety precautions in the vault include cameras, fences with electric wiring, security alarms, armed guards and even army battalions along with gunship helicopters, tanks and armoured carriers on standby.

The door of the vault could only be opened after dialling a complicated combination of several numbers. Even the administrators of the gold vault are unaware of this combination. The different parts of the combination are known to different employees. When these are all linked together, the door of the vault is opened. The individual vaults are placed inside with their own separate codes. The gold vaults could only be approached by those who have been authorized and checked by the administration of the vaults. The level of trust that has been placed with the vault system is 99.99 percent. No wonder it has been in use for decades. - 31401

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My Review of the Book "The Man Who Listens to Horses"

By Barb Jackson

Have you ever seen the popular television show "The Dog Whisperer"? It highlights a man who loves dogs, and has a unique ability to communicate with them, and train them as well. The book "The Man Who Listens to Horses" offers a similar story, about a man who is able to train and communicate with horses. Written by Monty Roberts, it showcases the internal workings of a horse's mind. In this article I will be offering my humble opinion on this remarkable book, and offer what I think are some of the highlights that I think other readers might enjoy.

Monty Roberts has a love of horses, and he sure has a story to tell. He grew up with an abusive father, and this abuse not only extended to him, but to horses as well. This abuse formed a strong impression on Monty when he was young, and as he grew older he started to formulate an opinion that there must be a better way to communicate with the horses that he loves so much.

This "better way" was to become a horse breaking and training technique which he calls "join-up". For starters, you need a round pen, and an unbroken horse. The handler stands in the middle of the pen, and the horse is encouraged to run away from him/her, circling the pen in attempts to get away. As the horse runs away, the handler forms steady eye contact, and assumes a very authoritative and imposing stance. As time goes by, the handler will look for three specific signs that the horse wishes to communicate with the handler. These signs are:

The ear of the horse that is closest to the handler will turn towards him/her.

The horse will start to chew and lick.

As the horse runs around the pen he will move his head closer to the ground.

Once the handler has determined the horse wishes to communicate, he will turn his back on the horse and start to move away. At this point the horse will usually move closer to the handler, permitting the handler to touch him/her. The next step in the process is to saddle, bridle, mount, and ride...

In addition to the "join-up" technique, the book takes us on a journey of Robert's life as well. We learn of the various stages of his life, how he developed his horse techniques, and what has made him into the man that he is today. Some of the highlights in the book are:

-The author's successful childhood riding career

-The author's relationship with his father

-The development of his Thoroughbred racehorse facility

-The time he met Queen Elizabeth II of England

-How the "join-up" technique was used on wild deer

-The author's experiences with mustang horses

-Three of his favorite horses: Brownie, Johnny Tivio, and Dually

If you love horses, and would love to learn of a very humane way to train and communicate with them, then this book is for you. Check it out, read it over, and let the information wrap around your mind. - 31401

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Choosing Diamond Solitaire Engagement Rings That Will Pop

By Sara Gilmore

You'll be wearing a diamond solitaire engagement ring for hopefully the rest of your life. It might even be a symbol of your love and the first impression people have of you as a couple. You don't need to spend a lot of money to get high style. It will be a staple in your wardrobe so make sure that it represents you. A ring can be classic but still tell the world who you are.

You don't need an expensive big diamond to make a statement; look to the band. You can turn a white diamond into a trendy look or give it a vintage feel depending on the setting. For an antique air look for intricate carved details or filigree work. There is even an antiquing process that can make the gold seems as though it's a real vintage piece. If you want a contemporary look then stick with a diamond with clean lines like a square. Straight, defined lines are a trademark of modern style. The band should be simple without adornment. A bezel set diamond is close to or flush with the band so it won't snag your sweaters as much. If bling is your thing then find a band that has diamonds all over it; even on the sides. The setting makes a big statement without spending a lot of money.

The reason it's called a solitaire engagement ring is because it only has one large diamond. That one diamond needs to make a big impact so make sure you focus on clarity and color. There are even unique cuts of diamond to make your ring stand out. A teardrop shape may have an antique style to it. For a more traditional look go with a round diamond.

You can also get a unique diamond engagement ring by going with a different color of metal. If you want a modern feel that is also low key then try white gold. A diamond set in yellow gold will really pop. For a vintage feel that will get people's attention then try out rose gold. You'll need to coordinate your choice with your fiance's wedding band so make sure he accepts it. Before choosing a metal consider the future because this is a piece that you will have to match every other piece of jewelry that you buy to.

Use a diamond solitaire engagement ring as both an expression of your love and your personal style. People look at hundreds of rings a day without thinking about it but you can make yours stand out. Even if you are on a budget you can still get a unique ring. - 31401

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India's Gold Demand With Reference To Religious Festivals

By Jack Wagon

The main pillar of the international monetary system as a currency generator, gold is very crucial in the reserves of a nation, which is developed. Since three thousand B.C., gold has turned into a well-known portrayal of prosperity, wealth, and power to many kings, and princes all over the globe. Another striking quality of gold is its property of high durability.

The strong rise of in the value of the Rupee and rising consumer spending have raised the gold demand in India by as much as seventy two per cent in the first half of the year. A report from the World Gold Council says that the demand for gold in India reached an all-time high of three hundred, and seventeen tons in the second quarter of 2007. Traders predict that if the current demand continues, the full-year consumption of India can rise by as much as thirty per cent per year to nine hundred tones.

In comparison with the entire country, gold demand in Mumbai (India) has gone through a significant fall at hundred kilograms per day from one tonne in August because of higher prices, and a scarcity of buying interest. The Indian market price sensitivity is well known. Demand will pick up only in the case when prices reach a level of Rupees 12, 200 per 10 grams. Due to the decrease in demand, import has been affected.

Gold jewellers in India are offering discounts to attract buyers, as sales slowed to a trickle despite approaching Hindu festivals in the largest consumer of bullion in India.

Indians are famous for their love of gold. Along with the affirmative nature of this fact, it cannot also be denied that gold has been a demand-high commodity throughout the eras. It may also be noted that the Hindu god Brahma is referred to as Hiranyagarbha, which means born of gold, as he is said to be born from the cosmic egg of gold. The gods and goddesses in Hindu mythology are thought to be having a golden outlook.

A few days in Hindu calendars are thought to be fortunate if gold is bought in those particular days. These days are Dhanteras, and occasions like Dassera. Hindus buy gold in large quantities on religious festivals like Onam, Pongal, Navratri, and Durga puja.

Gold is also a symbolic representation of the Hindu Goddess Lakshmi, and is considered highly auspicious. Gold is bought and is presented on festivals like Dhanteras and Akshaya Tritiya. There is a popular saying that there are more festivals in India than days in a year! Indians celebrate a number of religious festivals each year, in which buying, and gifting gold is taken as a ritual. There are some principal festivals of Hindus that are celebrated all over the country with equal favour as Diwali, Raksha Bandhan, Ganesh Chaturthi, and Holi.

The importance of gold can be understood by the saying; 'all that glitters is not gold'. Gold is bought throughout the year in India. People also offer it to idols in temples. People also tend to loot numerous temples, as they are rich in precious gold jewellery. Cases of idol theft have also been reported many times, because these idols were composed of gold. Gold has a lot of value, since it can be passed down from one generation to another as ancestral property. - 31401

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What in the World are Italian Charm Bracelet Charms ?

By Betsy Johnson

You have probably heard of a charm bracelet before? They have been around for years, but during the 1990s another type of charm bracelet started to appear on the scenes in the United States. It is called the Italian charm bracelet. Do you know what this is? Do you know how these two types of charm bracelets differ? What do Italian charm bracelet charms look like? In this article we will be exploring the world of the Italian charm bracelet. Welcome, and enjoy...

Italy is where the whole craze for these beautiful bracelets started. As the years went by their popularity grew and grew, and even to the point where soccer stars were wearing them (with charms displaying the Italian flag). American tourists spotted these delightful little items in the 1990s, and promptly brought them back to the United States. They have subsequently caught on here as well.

The links of an Italian charm bracelet are made from an Italian charm face soldered onto an Italian charm link. These faces are usually comprised of either a design or an image. They differ from a regular charm bracelet charm in that they are flat and modular and hook together nicely. There are over 5000 different designs of Italian charm bracelet charms on sale today, and they range in price from a low of about $3 to $50 per charm.

The size of the Italian charm bracelet will depend on the size of the person's wrist. Children usually require between 13 - 15 links. Women require about 16 - 19 links. Men, especially those with large wrists, may require 20+ links.

A "starter" Italian charm bracelet typically consists of blank links, meaning "place holder" links which do not have a design or an image. In order to personalize this bracelet, each link is replaced with an individually designed Italian charm.

How is it possible that all these charm link together? This is because there is a standard sizing across every brand of Italian charm. They are all compatible with each other and interchangeable as well. Links can be taken out, and others put back into place, to portray the statement you would like to state, or suit your particular mood.

Since Italian charm bracelets are so flexible, charms can be grouped together to portray various themes. Themes vary, but some of the more popular ones are: hobby, flowers, career, animals, travel, special events, or even specific colors. To make up these various groupings you can choose from photo Italian charms, authentic licensed Italian charms, deluxe Italian charms, hand-painted Italian charms, laser Italian charms, and dangle Italian charms.

The most popular choice of materials for Italian charms is stainless steel backing with either a gold-plated or 18-karat gold charm face. The face of the charm is soldered or glued to the stainless steel link. Sometimes a gemstone is included in part of the design of the charm.

That's it for our little story of Italian charm bracelet charms and their associated bracelets as well. We hope that it was informative for you, and you enjoyed it. These beautiful little pieces of jewelry made their debut in the United States in the 1990's, and are still growing strong. - 31401

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Why White Gold Jewelry Will Last

By Sara Gilmore

If you want to be elegant and trendy at the same time then think of white gold jewelry because it can go in so many different directions. You might only be able to own a few pieces of fine jewelry so make sure that they count and are pieces that you'll want to wear for a lifetime.

The advantage to this color of metal is that it will match a lot of what you already own. You can wear it with sterling silver and platinum and it will probably look like it's all made from the same metal. Then you can buy whatever white metal that fits in your budget that you love and still be able to wear it with what you already own.

White gold jewelry can work with a lot of design styles. Look for a bling piece riddled with diamonds if you want to have a celebrity look. The same metal can appear antique on a locket covered with scroll work. You can also make this material seem modern by going with a simple, wide band ring. You might think of yellow gold when fine jewelry is mentioned but white gold also works on really classic style. Pair it with several different pieces to make a statement or just wear your favorite for a more subtle look.

You can ensure that you pick the perfect gift every time with white gold jewelry. You won't have to worry about picking out sizes the way you would with clothes or figure out if a person has read a book or not. This color metal can even become a keepsake and tradition. You can bring back a small charm for a bracelet or necklace whenever you go on a trip and then give it to her on Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Christmas or her birthday. You'll pick the perfect present every time.

You can use this type of metal around your favorite gemstones. The focus will be on the contrast between black and white diamonds in a ring or the luster of a Tahitian pearl. This tone works with all different kinds of colors and materials. You will need to make sure that your diamonds are a bright white so that they can stand up against the sparkle of the gold.

White gold jewelry allows you to maximize your jewelry budget. You can make your diamonds look bigger with such a setting. The gold will sparkle and give smaller carat weights more of a presence. - 31401

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Learning to Differentiate Between CZ Jewelry and Diamond Jewelry

By Mettew Cheng

The huge popularity of Cubic Zirconia or CZ in short is attributable to its ability to substitute itself as a desirable substitute for the more expensive diamond itself. Most Gemologists agree that the visual characteristics of CZ match closely with that of diamond, and even trained personnel in gemology cannot differentiate them with naked eyes. For the ordinary pair of eyes with no knowledge of gemology CZ looks very similar to diamonds. A closer inspection would however reveal a marginally lesser brilliance compared to a diamond and an excess dose of fire or flash of color. Originally, the Russians are credited with the development of CZ primarily for the Russian space program. This exercise was to provide an alternative for diamonds used in optics of lasers. The refractive index, hardness and dispersion of CZ are so close to diamond making it so uncanny.

How do we differentiate CZ jewelry? To distinguish CZ jewelry from diamonds, it is essential to employ gemological equipments such as a loupe, microscope etc. While the hardness of diamond reads 10 being the hardest material known to mankind, CZ measures between 8.5 and 9 on Mohs' hardness scale. Glass/sand measures 5 to 6 which means that dust and dirt cannot cause scratches on your CZ jewelry. CZ can however cause scratches on glass which again is good news for your CZ jewelry because it provides resistance to chipping.

Weight: When it comes to weight, the CZ is a heavy weight counterpart compared to diamonds with a typical comparison notching upto 175% in weight in relation to diamond. This is again great news for CZ jewelry lovers because the weight of a similar sized diamond jewelry will be nearly half of the CZ jewelry.

CZ is colorless and flawless While diamonds tend to carry impurities or some kind of defects, CZ is generally flawless. When we consider, colorless diamonds are among the rarest and most diamonds will have brown or yellow tinge. CZ on the contrary can be manufactured to be colorless comparable to "D" on a color grading for diamonds.

Other factors Identification of gems through visual inspection, in most cases is more a wild guess work than a scientific authentication. Even qualified gemologists need to be employ gemological equipment to precisely test and verify the quality of gems. The CZ while being inexpensive and durable is close to diamonds in sheen and appearance and can be sourced in any rainbow colors making them more appealing. A number of attempts to get jewelers inspect CZ with naked eyes to differentiate from diamonds have seldom been conclusive. Visual inspection was inadequate to determine the difference which asserts the value of CZ jewelry.

Everybody knows that diamonds are natural and expensive while CZ is an artificial product with qualities that are close match to real diamonds, particularly when they are employed in jewelry. The lower price at which CZ jewelry is available to customers around the world is perhaps denying CZ its due place in the jewelry space. - 31401

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Choosing Your Wholesale Jewelery & Watches Supplier

By Mettew Cheng

Buying wholesale jewelry from online stores is a sensible and recommendable option as these are higher-priced items and with the online dealers not having to deal with the usual overhead costs that are involved in maintaining a marketable physical jewelery store, the price advantage is passed on to the customer. Further, fashion jewelry has a very wide selection and most of the physical stores are limited to presenting just a few molds, since their procurement is usually regionally limited.

However, international online wholesalers like B2CStock have a large supply chain, being based in China and they are able to assemble the latest in jewelry fashion from across the world. Their jewelry designs on offer are able to provide a wide range of the conventional choices such as Blue Topaz, Sliver, Glod and Sapphire along with contemporary choices like Amethyst, Black Hills Gold, Titanium and Tanzanite.

The Convenience Factor " Further, shopping online is particularly recommendable for women who often feel harassed by salespeople into making a quick choice. However, the shopping experience at niche online jewelery stores like B2CStock is completely different as customers have a choice to leisurely browse through the extensive range that is offered, making online comparisons of the various models and even take the help of a 24x7 operational customer care centre for making an informed choice without worrying about the time consumed for making a selection. Customers here have the freedom to browse through the cheapest bracelets, earrings, necklaces and rings and ask for special offers such as free shipping and more crucial issues such as the kind of material used in the configuration of such items and the global dropship faculties.

Special Occasion Jewelry Shopping " Buying gemstones or jewelry for a special occasion is sometimes done in a rush and in such scenarios, shopping online for them is perhaps the easiest and the safest option. However, the wholesaler should be able to offer a wide variety of selection for occasion-based purchases such as engagement rings or birthstone jewelry. This is where the advantage of shopping with an internationally-renowned and established wholesaler like B2CStock comes to the fore. It has the most exhaustive and heavily-discounted range of jewelry on offer including cubic Zirconia jewelry, pearl jewelry, sterling silver jewelry along with a selection of rare beads and a choice of Platinum, Peridot, Pearl, Marcasite or Citrine. This helps the customer to make a personalized choice of jewelry-based configuration and the price range that suits the immediate requirement.

Online Discounted Watches " for prospective buyers trying to buy a watch, there is always an apprehension regarding the kind of model that would suit their requirements, the most. However, there are basic things that need to be considered when selecting a watch like the price and the quality on offer. It is imperative that the wholesaler you choose can provide wholesale watches across a wide price range and those that combine durability and performance along with the visual appeal.

B2CStock is one such reliable Chinese wholesaler that has a huge selection of the best brands, including the best and the latest in mens watches and womens watches. Sometimes, buyers expect their watch to be much more than a time-telling device, i.e. watches are expected to add to the style sensibilities of an individual. This is why it is crucial that your watch wholesaler is able to offer watches across both the classical and the more modern, fashionable range. B2CStock has an impressive collection that includes the best of trendy sports watches and elegantly-designed dress watches. - 31401

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